I am tired of this work
that they call “Love”,
this is not the Love
that I choose.

I refuse to believe
that Love must be hard
or threaten me
with all I could lose.

I choose Love
that helps me remember
the power that exists
deep within.

I choose Love
that doesn’t require
one of us to fail
for the other to win.

My heart is open
to the possibility
that an “either or”
need not apply.

So I can be devoted
while also be free.
It’s not a choice between
the Earth and the Sky.

That is the Love
I choose to create,
a Love that is
free from disguise.

I reject any Love
that I must “fall for”,
and replace it with
a Love where I must Rise.

Thank you.
I love you.
Please, #rememberwhoyouare

About the Writer:

Arielle Brown is a coach and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. She offers comprehensive experiential learning through online courses, immersive private coaching, intimacy workshops and community leadership retreats. Her work with individuals and organizations helps to disrupt the patterns and belief systems that block the actualization of their greater vision and desires. You can find her myriad of musings and offerings at www.ariellebrown.com.

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com