There Is No Better Time to Let Go

I wish for you
The understanding that
Placing pressure
Upon yourself
To discover your destiny
Is the surest way
To push it away

To force, coerce, agendize
Your purpose
Is the surest way
To have it elude you

The world is
Falling apart
And simultaneously
Birthing anew
Like fresh plant life
Emerging from dried lava

What if
Just what if
You are not meant
To know?

What if
Just what if
The surest way
To discover
Your purpose
Is to let go
The pursuit of it
And instead
Allow the universe
To have its way with you

There is no better time
Than now
To allow yourself
To not know

If a global pandemic
A political upheaval
An economic breakdown
A civil unrest
And a storming of
The capital building
By white nationalist starseeds

Does not give you
Some form
Of a permission slip
To not need
To have your shit
All figured out
I don’t know what will

Chill the fuck out
Let the universe show you
AND, when she
guides you
To act

Do it

If she guides you
To sing
To dance
To travel
To create
To rest
To unravel
To rise up
To speak truth
To make love

Do it

Because that is
Your purpose
In motion

There is no time
Like now
To drop the performance
And let the universe
Remind you
Of who you are

With Love,


Writings from the Big Island



Arielle is a teacher of intimacy, sexuality, embodiment, and communication. She facilities transformational through the containers that she holds with private clients, couples, groups, and communities. Her intentionally crafted offerings and transmissions-style teachings help people to connect with their authentic truths and desires so they may align themselves with the will of the Divine; making themselves energetically available and receptive to their Highest expression. Arielle currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii, offers her services through private in-person retreats, virtual one-on-one containers, and community offerings rooted in ritual and connection.

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