Your Relationship to Sex is More Important Than You Think…

If we want to have full access to our power, and our ability to positively influence and shape our reality, we need to get honest about our relationship to our own sexuality.

To repress, judge, or shame our sexuality expression, is no different than repressing, judging, or shaming our essence.

Our sexuality is connected to our desire, and our desire in its purest form drives and pulls us towards a deeper experience of love and connection.

So, to reject our sexuality, on a core level is to reject or diminish our willingness to receive love.

This is what we need to realize. That the conversation of “sex” is just about penetration. It’s not just about a penis entering a vagina with the agenda of experiencing climax…

…it’s about reclaiming the purity of our desire to experience love, and to feel connected to the world around us.

What could be more important, more powerful, or more healing than that?

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator |

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator |