The Magic Of Choosing One’s Reality

I want to share with you about the genuine magic of my life. This weekend marks the embarkment of a 2-month succession of events that is nothing short of a divine manifestation of the devotion and utter embrace of the work I’ve been cultivating within myself and the world around me for the past 4 years.

Today I find myself immersed in forest haven retreat center up in Grass Valley, as I participate as a guest teacher at my dear sister, Lauren Arrow’s 3-day WET WOMAN WITCHREAT! up at the Yuba River, where I’ll be facilitating a workshop on how to stay resourced in a state of divine love and connection to Self while creating deep connections within our interpersonal relationships and greater communities.

Two weeks later, I am teaching two workshops on intimacy, desire, and the energetics of attraction at SoulPlay FallFest 2018, where I also get to play a music set with my band After the Fall Music (myself and the illustrious Tiana Ellauri) for one of the evening gatherings.

And by the way, if you’d like to attend this epic gathering, I have a discount code, which is “SPFFArielle” that you can use when you purchase tickets.

One week later, I’ll flow down to LA as a member of the support team for a dear friend and collaborator, Robert Kandell, for his “LIVE Unhidden: An Old School Communication Course”, and rub elbows with some dear sister-collaborators, Maria Palumbo and Gillian Pothier. Rob is absolutely brilliant, I am beyond stoked and turned on to be assisting.

And by the way…again…I have a discount code, “arielle”, which will get you $50 off the original ticket price, which you can purchase here.

The following weekend I fly to the Big Island of Hawaii, to begin a month-long reconnection with the Puna Community and energy of an island that has felt more like home to my wild and primal soul than I’ve ever experienced before. While there, I hope to facilitate another Relationship Dynamic’s Class with the supreme Bee-Man, Shane Bee Charmer Lee.

Two weeks later I hop over to Phoenix, AZ for a 4-day immersive retreat as part of a year-long Feminine Leadership Mastermind that is completely expanding and deepening my capacity to receive greater amounts of support, wealth, and acknowledgment for doing deeply meaningful work in the world.

I then fly back to the Big Island, and several days later fly to Maui for the Hang Loose Pantam Festival, put on by a dear brother, time-traveler, and sound alchemist Abria Joseph, where I’ll be offering a workshop on cultivating deeper connection in our relationships and greater communities.

Then, I’ll hop back to Big Island for a few days, and then fly to the island of Kauai to deepen my learning and practice in ancient teachings of sexuality and energy work at a training that I’ve been desiring for over 3 years.

From Kauai, I fly to Oahu for a few days to drop in with a dear friend, celebrate Halloween, and then fly back to the Bay Area, have one week to integrate, and then prepare to facilitate the next round of APPETITE, a 6-week virtual course for women reclaiming the purity of desire, which begins the 2nd week in November, 2018.

To learn more about The Appetite Course, schedule a conversation with me.

What is deeply significant here for me, is that the culmination of this two-month journey into the heart of all that I desire is not something I consciously planned. In fact, the majority of these experiences I get to participate in were not things I actively sought out or “made happen”. On the contrary, they were offered to me — by people, by timing, by the Universe.

When I look at what is unfolding for me in my life right now, I realize that this is everything that I have both consciously and unconsciously been asking for, but didn’t necessarily have expectation that it would happen.

It all began with a seed of approval for my desire, and a willingness to do the work of releasing shame around any part of me that thought my desire was too much, selfish, unrealistic, or that I was somehow unworthy of these things my soul has been yearning for.

I am at a place where I KNOW that that which I desire is inseparable from my purpose. I have done the inner work to realize on a deep level that desire is not a sin, it is not self-centered. When we are connected to our authentic desire, it serves as a compass towards the fulfillment of our destiny.

I see now that my experience of pleasure is interchangeable with my experience of purpose, and that when we are deeply connected to the gifts and inclinations of our soul, joy is an essential part of what we are here to teach, to embody and experience.

My journey looks different than yours, yet the experience of magic, fulfillment, peace, and purpose is available to you as well, and rests just on the other side of your comfort zone, and the part of you that fears opening up to the possibility that you are powerful beyond measure, that your presence on this planet has impact, and that you are ultimately the creator of all that manifests around you.

Amidst the chaos on the news, and the stories of fear and scarcity that we are conditioned to feel victim of, we can choose a different story, create a new reality. One where we use the privilege of our birth in SERVICE to those in less fortunate circumstances.

We are growing, awakening, doing our work together, and before we can liberate the world around us, it is ESSENTIAL that we do the work of liberating ourselves of all belief systems and relationship patters rooted in fear, lack, or the compulsion to control or manipulate.

I am hear, walking with you, as a sister on the path, waking up to the truth of who she is. And I pray, I open to, I receive the truth that you are walking with me, as kin on the path.

Let us rise together, children of the earth. There is a new dawn awaiting, to be co-created through that which we choose to focus our attention on. I choose love. We choose love.

Over and over again.

About the Writer:

Arielle Brown is a coach and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. She offers comprehensive experiential learning through immersive private coaching, her online course APPETITE, and emergent community leadership retreats. Her work with individuals and organizations helps to disrupt the patterns and belief systems that block the actualization of their greater vision and desires. You can find her myriad of musings and offerings at

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