The Challenge of Being Vulnerable

I would love to be able to say that it gets easier facing our fears.

That it gets easier speaking the truth that is on our heart, in the face and risk of not being understood, being rejected, or losing love.

This is courageous work, being who we truly are. In a culture so hell-bent on making us feel that who we are is not okay.

I am a powerful woman with strong convictions, deep virtue, and relentless desire for more — more connection, more love, more knowledge, more experience, more power, more pleasure, more truth, more magic.

And simultaneously, I am a scared woman with a tender heart, a hyper-awareness of other people’s experience, and a Gemini mind that is constantly supplying me with a paradox of contradictory feelings and beliefs that could convince anyone that I am categorically insane.

Just because I teach the work, does not mean I am a master of it.

It just means that I am devoted to the practice of continually stumbling through this thing we call connection, knowing that I will never actually be able to perfect it or “get it right”.

There is no “right”. There is no “perfect”. There is just attunement to and resonance with what feels most good, alive and true in our hearts.

And it is terrifying. Did I mention it is terrifying?

To do this work and be seen in my fuckups and my withholds and my messy imperfections that make me want to vomit in a world that profits off of selling us our insecurities is INTENSE.

I am not perfect, but I am passionate. I am not enlightened, but I am engaged in the process of figuring my shit out so I can have the life and relationships that the real ME actually wants.

And I am hoping that in sharing the world inside the mind and heart of an Intimacy Coach, that we can all realize that there is no “right way” to “do” relationship. There is no “rule book” for connection. There is no “defined path to fulfillment”. We create that for ourselves, and what I do know is that it all begins with how we connect with ourself.

And the people who are willing and crazy enough to be our allies and partners in paradoxical crime through the process of our own awakening, are more valuable than gold.

Here’s to Sunday morning soul searching and bowls of avocado and quinoa. I’m going to go to the beach. Perhaps I’ll find my answer to the question I’m not asking in the ocean. Until next time, be real, be you.

With Love & Devotion,

Relationship & Intimacy Coach
Master the Art of Desire-Based Relating

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Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator |