Your heart is where you need to be, in order to access the freedom you seek.

Sister, you cannot manipulate your way into sovereignty.

You cannot control your way into safety.

You are not a victim of your circumstances.

You are a divine creatrix of your reality.

Your anger at the patriarchy, your resentment and distrust of men…

…is a GMO candy that is sure to give your soul a cavity.

Stop with your hidden agendas, and your calculated pleasantries.

Yes, there is power in your sexuality, but power can cause damage without integrity.

There is a way to be in relationship with men, without perpetuating your own disability.

Of believing that we need to be saved in order to be safe, or that finding “the one” is some kind of race.

Sisters, we must stop competing with each other. We must rise in our own sovereignty, and cultivate our inner Masculinity…

…so the men we love can step off their white horses and meet us eye to eye in their vulnerability. They are not perfect, and neither are we.

It’s time we remember this, sisters, so that we can all be happy, connected, and free.

Welcome to the new paradigm of relating.

Arielle Brown is a Spiritual Mentor and Sexual Embodiment Facilitator. She specializes in supporting people to align their lives with their deepest desires, by tapping into their innate sovereignty and embodying a healthy/aligned relationship with their erotic energy. Arielle has cultivated a body of work addressing the increasing need for evolutionary approaches to sexuality, spirituality, and leadership that facilitate power-WITH (vs. power-OVER) models of relating. She teaches courses and facilitates transformational containers for those seeking to embody new levels of truth, power, and freedom in their lives and relationships.

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