On the paradox of being a woman who desires men…

I don’t need a man,
but I do want one.

I don’t need to be saved,
but I do want to be taken care of.

I don’t want to give in,
but I do want to surrender.

I don’t want to be controlled,
but I do want to be led.

I am not delicate,
but I am deeply sensitive.

I don’t want to hurt you,
but I will devour you if need be.

I don’t want to be owned,
but I do want to be worshiped.

I do want to receive you,
but I don’t want to be force fed.

I do love you,
but sometimes I also fear, and even hate you.

I do want to climax,
but I don’t want that to be your agenda.

So yes, dear men,
I am asking you to play
a seemingly impossible game with me.

But I promise you,
without doubt,
that it is worth it.

With Love, and Devotion to the Process,

~ Arielle

P.S. Thank you to the many men in my life who’s presence has helped me name and claim these truths within myself. You are medicine for my soul.

About the Author:

Arielle is an Intimacy Coach, Writer, Facilitator & Psychonaut. Her personal path has been that of self-discovery through the art of intimacy, relationship and sexuality. In her private coaching work, she helps people to create “evolving relationship containers” that support self-actualization and personal sovereignty. Listen to her perspective on empowered relating here. Email her at arielle@ariellebrown.com to learn more about private coaching.

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

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