On Penetration & Being Penetrated

Ultimately, life is one perpetual experience of penetration or being penetrated. It is the way of creation. Of universal love making.

And no, this does not only apply to the physical act of sex.

We penetrate people with out thoughts, our ideas, our perspectives, our attention, our curiosity, our desire, our agendas, our love, our truth, our emotions, our power…

…and through all of these things, when we are connected to our bodies, to our hearts, to divinity, and to the earth, we can birth a new paradigm of humanity into existence.

This is the way of nature.

Nature does not take from a place of domination or control. Nature gives and receives from a place of reciprocal altruism.

The bee takes from the flower, and in-do-doing, provides the necessary pollination for the flower to thrive.

Nature knows that there is no difference between giving and receiving, because nature knows that at its core, EVERYTHING is connected, and to steal from another is to steal from one’s self.

Humanity has taken on a temporary amnesia, and forgotten that we are all connected — not only to each other — but to the divine source energy that embodies us all with an infinite supply of resources and love.

We see this playing out in the trauma of violation in sex.

We see this playing out in men feeling privileged to women’s bodies without their consent.

We see this playing out in women dissociating from their bodies at the point of penetration because of lifetimes of trauma of being told and shown that their body is not their own.

We see in the dependency upon manipulation tactics to control others actions and affections for fear that something that is ours can be taken from us.

We see this in the atrocity of sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse that is happening right now, in every second, as a write.

No wonder there is such challenge in finding resolution and right relationship with ourselves as penetrators and penetratees — right now in this world, we are being impacted by the energetic truth that violation on a soul, spirit, physical level is happening RIGHT now.

We are all connected, and the pain of one is the pain of all, it’s just that we have become so numbed, dumbed, and desensitized by the conditioning of a dominator entity seeking to control and suppress our unified power as a collective, that we cannot FEEL what is happening.

This is a radical call to resensitize our bodies to the truth that resides within our heart and in the earth.

This is a radical call to claim your embodiment, and to bring conscious connection, clarity, and compassion or every act of penetration.

In every moment, in every conversation, in every exchange of attention, love, desire, power, and yes, genital based union, we have the opportunity to dismantle a culture of disconnection and disassociation.

In every moment, in every relationship, we have the opportunity to opt into a paradigm of existence based upon natural law, upon reciprocal altruism, of honoring every human being as kin, as opposed to seeing them as a whole to fill or be filled by.

Pedestalization of the sacred, without embodiment of the profane, is a one way train to perpetuating and recreating every atrocity we judge with vehement scorn.

We are Trump. We are Hitler. We are Bin Laden. We are the Devil.

We are *everything* we seek to judge in another.

So I invite you, to reclaim the energy that seeks to drain you through hating that which is designed to fill you with hate, and instead redirect that energy towards bringing devotional presence to the way you express yourself and receive another’s expression in the world — in whatever and every form that takes.

This is an invitation to remember, that heaven does exist on earth right now, if we are willing to embody and BE it.

About the Writer:

Arielle Brown is a guide, teacher, and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. Through her professional and personal research into intimacy, sexuality, and the energetics of sovereignty, Arielle has cultivated a body of work addressing the increasing need for evolutionary approaches for stabilizing the relational ecosystem in community structures, and elevating the level of consciousness through which we engage in romantic and sexual dynamics. She offers comprehensive experiential learning through immersive private mentorship, online courses, and in-person workshops. Learn more about her Arielle’s work here.

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com