On Boundaries, Consent and #metoo

There’s an tidal wave of honesty, vulnerability and intimacy happening on Facebook. #metoo is opening up dialogue the many blatant and insidious ways men and women create a culture of sexual assault, violation, and blurring of boundaries and consent.

There is a profound opportunity to change the way men and women relate with each other on a micro and macro level, if we are willing to embrace it.

I see men asking themselves these questions:

Where have I consciously or unconsciously violated a woman’s boundaries? Where do I still violate women on subtle energetic levels that perpetuate that dynamic of violator-victim between men and women?

As a woman, I am asking myself these questions:

Where have I consciously or unconsciously violated myself by allowing another person to violate my boundaries? Why have I continued to perpetuate this pattern? Where do I play a victim without be asked or forced to?

These are questions that can understandably trigger many challenging emotions, as the inclination to protect ourselves and avoid making ourselves wrong can hold such a grip on our psyches.

This is not about minimizing the severity or impact of anyone’s experience, nor is it a desire to persecute anyone for their actions.

It is a sincere invitation to create a dialogue free of shame and persecution, so that each sex feels safe and invited to share the feelings, questions and personal experience with each other.

Rather than pointing fingers, or labeling one gender at fault while the other gender as the victim, let’s create a safe, conscious, and connected dialogue between women and men around what wounds must be heard and healed to re-establish trust, communication and compassion.

It will require each of us to be willing to replace judgment with curiosity, and replace the desire to be right with the desire to connect.

I’m ready to facilitate and create a safe space for this dialogue. I am devoted to this work of reuniting men and women, of healing the wounding between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. This as “The Work” our society is being asked to embrace at this time in history.

Who is ready to engage in this dialogue? I’d love to connect with you. There are great things afoot, and there is no time like now.

If you’d like to connect, I invite to message me through my website, www.ariellebrown.com. Talk to you soon.

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com