I’d like to jam a bit on spiritual energy and erotic energy, and how we can allow more of those energies to flow into our lives in delicious and effortless ways.

I’d also love to jelly on shame, the contractive state it creates in the body and how we can embrace paradox as a way to move out of binaries of “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “evil”, so we can embrace a more expansive state of beingin our body, and receive more of what we truly desire in our life.

Ya know, just things I think about before I got to bed and when I wake up in the morning.

Care to join me? If so, let’s go on a little adventure into cosmic territory…

I experience spiritual energy and erotic energy as the same thing. A pure thread of source energy that flows through each of us and connects all things.

The interesting paradox here, is that while spiritual energy can have this air of purity around it, for many people, erotic energy feels anything other than pure.

The modern concept of sexuality has become so perversified and disconnected from its true nature (think religious upbringing, social conditioning, and most porn for starters), that it can be challenging to see sexuality and spirituality as connected.

Internalized shame and guilt around sexuality and desire is a real thing, and I have yet to meet a person who has not dealt with some layer of it in their journey.

However, what I have found is that when we are willing to lean into relatable and understandable discomfort of healing and transforming our relationship to shame around sexuality…sexuality (and desire) becomes a spiritual path.

Shame is not an experience to lean away from. It’s actually a doorway into more power, more freedom, more love, and more creative potential.

It’s just a matter of how you choose to be in relationship with it.

A big challenge I see many people facing in their relationship with spirituality is that it often feels like some esoteric idea that exists outside of us. We know it exists but don’t actually know how to work with it in meaningful tangible ways.

When spirituality (or spiritual energy) exists outside the body, it’s just an idea to think about, but when we bring spirituality into the body, it becomes an embodied experience we can be in direct and dynamic relationship with.

Then, spirituality becomes an embodied practice of learning how to keep our channels of energy open and clear, so we can be penetrated by the Divine.

The more expansive we are in our bodies, the more energy that can flow through.

The more clear of a channel we are, the more aligned we are with our own inner compass, the more the Divine can flow through and guide us.

This is where receiving divine energy is a lot like receiving pleasure in sex.

The more present, embodied, and engaged we are in our bodies during sex, the more available we are for cosmic energy and erotic pleasure to flow through us.

When we are shut down and contracted in sex, which again, is a very common thing because this culture has a pretty f-ed up and upside down relationship with sexuality, it makes it very difficult to open up into orgasm.

Orgasm is a state that can only be accessed through surrender, and expansive receptivity.

So, if we are shut down in our sexuality….

…either from shame or guilt about our desire for pleasure…

…or from painful or traumatic past experiences where we felt hurt, dropped, or rejected in our sexual experiences…

…the amount of pleasure and connection we’re available for is limited.

Repeat. This is a very common theme. So if you notice yourself feeling some shame or judgment if you identify with the above experience, be kind to you.

Being human beings operating in a three-dimensional plane of reality where heartbreak, pain, and suffering are inherent parts of the human experience, many of us pick up patterns of relating and being that have us clamp down on the sheer amount of life-force energy that can flow through us.

Because let’s be honest, there is a lot to FEEL.

Opening up to greater levels of sexual energy and erotic desire is intense.
Opening up to greater levels of spiritual and cosmic energy can be overwhelming.

And we’re all learning how to paces ourselves and open at rates that allow us to integrate the higher frequency energies in a sustainable way that doesn’t totally blow up our lives and relationships in an irreparable way.

Oh yes, the struggle of expansion is REAL.

Now let’s add to that religious and societal conditioning that sexuality is on some level sinful, inappropriate, and impure, and that if we engage in it, or take too much pleasure in it, then we are sinful, inappropriate, and impure by association.

Whoa! That’s a lot of energy (sensation) to hold and be in relationship with!

Now here’s a sneaky yet consistently demonstrated truth:

What I’ve found is that many of us actually become attached to feeling shame or judgment about who we are and what we desire, as a way to avoid being with the sheer amount of cosmic and erotic energy that wants to flow through us when we embrace and embody RADICAL permission for the wholeness of who we are.

P.S. This is a key inspiration for the The Cosmic Tantra Community; an intentional space where can practice relating with others while embodying this energy.

Now, I know I’ve opened a bit of a can of cosmic worms, and what I’d like to do is offer one approach I’ve found, practiced and cultivated, as an approach for learning how to open to receiving more pleasure in sex and more communionwith the Divine, while honoring your safety and integrity every step of the way.

The simple (yet not always easy) answer: Learn to embrace paradox.

Learn to embrace a perspective of reality where you shift away from either/or mentalities of things need to be “good” OR “bad”, “right” OR wrong”, and into a mentality where multiple seemingly opposing things can simultaneously be true.

I’m talking about yes/AND. Why is this helpful?

Because when you get to be a WHOLE human being, full of dark and light qualities, dirty desires and integrous virtues, nefarious AND altruistic inclinations, where one does not negate the other, you access a freedom that liberates you from shame and opens you up to divine and infinite opportunity.

When you embrace the paradox that you are both a deeply sacred AND utterly profane human being, you begin to release the contractive energies of shame and control that stifle the flow of cosmic energy wanting to flow through you.

Now I do understand, this can also be very confronting, because these energies I’m inviting you to lean into with are highly sensational, socially taboo, and often are uncomfortable to feel and be in relationship with in the body.

And that’s okay. This is where we get to practice being in relationship with uncomfortable things, because often this is where the power is.

Most of us aren’t taught how to be in relationship with these energies. And even if we “understand” what’s happening on a conceptual level, working with and alchemizing these energies on a bodily level is a different story.

This is where we get to practice compassion with ourselves, as we learn a new way of relating with and alchemizing lower frequency energies within our bodies.

Whenever I teach on this stuff, I often say:

“There’s the shame, and then there’s the shame we hold about our shame”.

Meaning, often we can judge ourselves for the places where we KNOW we’re still holding on to patterns belief systems that no longer serve us.

And on some level, we think that this judgement is going to miraculously transform the shame we are holding onto, but really what it winds up doing is just have us clamp down and contract around the pattern even more intensely.

Believe me, I have a lot of personal experience with this. 😬😂

And this is actually why I created the Shadow Alchemy 101 self-paced course.

Shadow Alchemy 101 is guided experiential process for identifying limiting belief systems you hold about yourself that cap your experience of reality, and then transforming them through embodiment meditations and energetic alchemy practices that expand your ability to receive more of what you truly desire in life.

This course was actually birthed out of a live class from my 8-week embodiment journey for women, SOVEREIGNTY. The process was so powerful I decided to create a self-paced version for other people who are drawn to this alchemy work.

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That’s a lotta love and alchemy channeled your way today.

Thanks for receiving this Saturday transmission of alchemy and divine embodiment.


Arielle Brown is a Spiritual Mentor and Sexual Embodiment Facilitator. She specializes in supporting people to align their lives with their deepest desires, by tapping into their innate sovereignty and embodying a healthy/aligned relationship with their erotic energy. Arielle has cultivated a body of work addressing the increasing need for evolutionary approaches to sexuality, spirituality, and leadership that facilitate power-WITH (vs. power-OVER) models of relating. She teaches courses and facilitates transformational containers for those seeking to embody new levels of truth, power, and freedom in their lives and relationships. www.ariellebrown.com

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