I’ve been having this experience lately, where I’ll feel up in my head, insecure, in self-doubt about something I’m creating, or just not trusting the flow of life.

I’ll start to explore where the feelings and thoughts are coming from. Digging deeper into why they are there. Wondering if they have any merit, and if they’re something I should give more attention to.

And then I realize, wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been well f*cked. It’s been a while since I’ve been made love to, been touched erotically and sensuously by another.

And I realize, nothing is wrong, my body is just craving pleasurable connection, to be handled and held by someone trustworthy and attuned enough that I can fully let go of artfully handling all the pieces in my life that I’m so used to holding on a daily basis.

My body just wants (and needs) to surrender. To submit to someone who can hold the high sensation of my body pulsing, rippling, unravelling into uncontrollable ecstasy.

I am grateful to have had men in my life who can hold, love, caress, and annihilate me in this way with devotional presence.

And currently, there is a space in my life where that form of connection is not present, and I desire it.

So, I am speaking it out into the world, with openness, with dripping desire, and genuine non-attachment to the best of my ability — I am human, I am woman, after all.

Wondering playfully (and voraciously) to myself, where my men at?

Let’s see what she (The Universe) brings back to me.

Okay, back to (co) birthing the erotic revolution.

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com

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