Sacred Snake by Cocorrina

As women, the magnetics of our womb organically open, deepen, and expand in our erotic experiences. Our energy floods out, seeking to re-commune with the infinite nature of the Divine. The key for us, is to learn:

1) how to work with our own Masculine energy to ground, integrate, and container ourselves after our erotic experiences.

2) how to discern and communicate our needs and desires to our partners as we open up into deeper levels of expanse melting into the quantum field of erotic potential.

Our wombs are designed to catalyze a charging of our energetic and etheric bodies. The magnetic potential of our arousal has the capacity to transmute lower densities and forms into their exalted expressions.

These are ancient feminine lineage traditions that are seeking to be remembered through the living mystery school of our bodies, and we are being asked to lead and teach with them through how we embody and express ourselves in our relationships.

The key is learning how to remain sovereign in our own energy field as we open to greater levels of pleasure, expansion, and communion with other and the Divine.

To be sovereign does not mean we are an island. To be sovereign means to be discerning in the penetrability and expressiveness of our energy field.

So that we may allow ourselves to melt into the abyss, knowing that we are committed to:

1) the practice of reclaiming and integrating our disowned and abandoned parts

2) practices of embodiment and communication that create a safe container for our own awakening

Arielle Brown is a Spiritual Mentor and Sexual Embodiment Facilitator. She specializes in supporting people to align their lives with their deepest desires, by tapping into their innate sovereignty and embodying a healthy/aligned relationship with their erotic energy. Arielle has cultivated a body of work addressing the increasing need for evolutionary approaches to sexuality, spirituality, and leadership that facilitate power-WITH (vs. power-OVER) models of relating. She teaches courses and facilitates transformational containers for those seeking to embody new levels of truth, power, and freedom in their lives and relationships.

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