For the Love of Men and Women

Feeling sadness here and now. Wishing in this world at this time, it was easier for women and men to simply connect, and understand each other.

I’ve been having many conversations, with men who I love, men who I respect, men who I see as being a part of the change needed in this world to facilitate healing and connection between the sexes.

And the men are hurting. They are feeling sadness for the places where they feel like they’ve been accused of things by women that they aren’t allowed to have a voice in response to.

They are afraid of initiating connection with women, or desire for sexual intimacy, for fear of the potential repercussion for whatever boundaries may not be spoken in the moment, but claimed in hindsight as violation.

I see the pain in these men’s eyes. I feel their hearts. And I feel my heart hurting as well, hearing aspects of myself in their words.

The places where I have been unwilling or too self-conscious to be honest — expecting and hoping they would read my mind and take responsibility for my truths I wasn’t willing to tell.

I feel the impact of my not-so-comfortable silence.

Knowing that the conditioned fear of my own voice and power came long before any of the men who I haven’t been honest with came into my life. It isn’t them. It is me. They have their work. And I have mine.

So I am going into the stillness.

Creating a space where I can hear and feel what is true of the woman that I am and how I desire to show up in my connections with men. These men who I love so dearly, and yet because of my own past pains, have sought to blame then for that which I refused to hold accountable within myself.

Thank you. Please forgive me. I am listening. I love you.

Arielle Brown
Relationship Coach & Intimacy Educator

Photo by Perchek Industrie on Unsplash

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