Facebook Friending Etiquette 101

I am having this new experience where people on Facebook are messaging me and asking my permission to send a friend request before actually initiating the “friending”.

It feels amazing. It’s this beautiful acknowledgment and awareness of consent that can be so easily taken for granted in our culture.

I believe that so much of the violation in the form of physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse that happens is because we have been so numbed out by a culture built on fast, hard, quick, intensity (from action movies to pornography) that we’ve become desensitized to how sensitive and energetically connected we all actually are.

What if we ask for consent before we penetrate ourselves into another person’s reality? Realizing how powerful we are, and how much impact we can catalyze in another person’s life, even by just what we think and feel, is significant.

It is my experience that the more powerful and spiritually awake I become, the more sensitive and as a result the more discerning I become as well.

Ans what I am pleasantly experiencing, is that as I grow and evolved, the vibration and quality of people that I attract into my reality (whether or FB or the in-person world) grows and evolves as well.

We are all connected. No action, thought, belief or emotion exists in a vacuum. And once we all begin to realize how powerful and capable we are of catalyzing great change, simply through how and what we focus our attention and connection on, all that is imbalanced in the world better watch — because LOVE is breaking through the cracks in the concrete.

Can you tell where I am going with this?

Can you feel what I am saying and suggesting?

The time is now, and I am so grateful to be alive.

About the Writer:

Arielle Brown is a coach and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. She offers comprehensive experiential learning through immersive private coaching, online courses, intimacy workshops, and community leadership workshops. Her work with individuals and organizations helps to disrupt the patterns and belief systems that block the actualization of their greater vision and desires. You can find her myriad of musings and offerings at www.ariellebrown.com.

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