I am sitting in the restaurant booth with my leg draped over his thigh, staring across the table at her with a glorious grin on my face, beaming right into her glimmering eyes. I am immersed in golden radiating joy, pulsing and illuminating every inch of my body.

I am in between flights, basking in an impromptu reconnaissance for a 6-hour layover between one location to another. I haven’t seen these two human beings in nearly 6 months, and upon realizing I would be right in there hometown, I thought what an amazing opportunity it would be to reconnect, to play, to explore.

I love this woman, sitting across from me, watching me as her partner revels in my erotic availability and unabashed arousal. The way she transmits her turn-on and approval for my connection with him is liberating in ways I could only understand through the direct experience of her love.

It is healing, and redefining of what I thought was possible in connection with another woman, in a culture that puts so much effort into pitting women against each other, especially when it comes to men.

The waiter approaches our table and asks if we are ready to order. He and I each order a glass of pinot noir, and she orders a cosmopolitain. I order a lamb burger, and when the waiter asks if he or she would like to order anything, he smirks and replies in a coy and mischievous tone, “Oh I’m not hungry, I already ate upstairs…”, he then looks at she and I and continues “and I think we still have some leftovers for later, yes?”

My whole body flushes with a rush of engorged arousal and I am brimming with a grin that I can barely conceal from bursting into a full-bodied exclamation and reclamation of joy.

Oh yes, I thought to myself, you certainly enjoyed a meal upstairs, and I am beyond a shadow of a doubt up for serving seconds when we return after we’ve quenched our hunger for libational lubrication and sustenance.

The unspoken yet deeply felt exchange between the three of us as the waiter stands unknowingly witnessing an erotic coded language for our recent sensual interlude is delicious.

I wonder to myself if the waiter has any idea of what is going on as he walks away. Probably not, yet hopefully so, because the level of play and intimacy the three of us are co-creating in this moment is to me what moments are made for, and I am remembering what it is like to feel truly alive, truly turned on, truly engaged by the magic open and prolific connection.

I finish my meal, we conclude our drinks, and rise from the table to return to our room, glowing in the anticipation of all that is yet to come. It is 10pm, and with 5 hours until my flight, the night is gracious and abundantly young.

To be continued…

About the Author:

Arielle Brown is a coach and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. She offers comprehensive experiential learning through immersive private coaching, online courses, and workshops/retreats focused on intimacy and emergent leadership. Her work with individuals, couples, and organizations helps to disrupt the patterns and belief systems that block the actualization of greater visions and desires. You can learn more about her work at

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