The Gap Between Sexuality & Professionalism

There is a detrimental and illusory separation
I see women make in their lives…

between sensuality and career,
between sexuality and purpose.

There is this fear
that if we as women inhabit
our sexuality and sensuality,
it will invalidate our intelligence,
our professional qualifications,
and our ability to lead with discernment and clarity.

This is an outdated story.

This is an old paradigm
of limiting beliefs
and compartmentalized identities.

Our patriarchal society is begging women
to inject into the corporate world
our playful magnetism,
our intuition,
our magic.

If we continue to believe that we must disconnect
from the fact that we are sexual beings,
we’ll continue to attract
relationships and experiences
that perpetuate the belief
that our essence
is shameful.

We cannot wait
for the world
to give us permission
to be who we are.

We must claim it within ourselves,
so the world can mirror
our chosen sovereignty.

You can be erotic AND responsible.

You can be sensual AND in integrity.

It is time to move away
from “either or”
and move closer towards
“yes and”.

Embrace paradox.

Embrace your sexuality.

It is the key to creating the life that your soul desires.

About the Author

Arielle Brown is an Intimacy Coach based out of Marin County, California. She supports singles and couples in creating deeply satisfying relationships and sex lives through reconnecting to the purity of their desire and the clarity of their personal boundaries. She works with clients in-person and virtually.

Arielle also facilitates groups and workshops through Northern California that explore and work with emotional, verbal, energetic and physical ways that we create intimacy in our relationships and greater communities.

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator |

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