A New Paradigm For Relationship

If we want to have truly satisfying intimate relationships (especially those of a sexual or romantic nature), we need to get real about the fact that most of us are playing out a role (or multiple roles).

Roles that have us conceal our desires, violate our own boundaries, and suppress who we are just enough to fit into a box of who’ve been told we must be in order to “make relationship work”.

The effort to “make relationship work” in this context, is a fear-based approach to intimacy that is ultimately death to our soul. An outdated conditioning to hide who we are, in order to maintain the illusion of love.

For anything that requires us to hide or stifle who we are in order to be loved is no love at all. It’s manipulation, resignation, complacency, or spiritual narcolepsy (thank you David Vondracek for this apropos term).

I’m interested in relationships that shatters all limiting concepts of who I was once told to believe myself to be. I’m interested in relationships that have me howling in ecstasy or investigating the nature of my reality.

I’m interested in relationships that are a pathway towards my own sublime awakening to the truth that I create absolutely *everything* that I attract into my life. I am the game maker, not just a pawn on the board.

How might your relationships change, how might your life change, if you examined the unconscious roles that you play?

About the Author

Arielle Brown is a Relationship Coach and Intimacy Educator, with an expertise in helping individuals to identify and release the self-created blocks to intimacy and connection. In her private coaching work with men, women and couples, she guides individuals towards creating authentic relationships rooted in the unique desires, boundaries and values of all parties involved.

She specializes in supporting those exploring non-monogamy and other alternative forms of relating and intimacy. She facilitates groups and workshops focused on cultivating deeper levels of intimacy with others through conscious communication and sensory awareness.

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com

Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com