4 Steps Towards the Practical Mastery of Desire

4 Steps Towards the Practical Mastery of Desire:

1) Get clear on what you actually desire.

2) Find approval for and worthiness of the desire within you.

3) Express your desire without expectation or attachment to outcome.

4) Stay present in your body to receive what is offered.

Important Notes on Desire Alchemy:

  • Whether or not you receive your desire is not nearly as important as your ability to know and validate it within you. As you learn to know and express what you want without attachment to outcome, in full knowing of your worth, what you desire shall find its way to you effortlessly.
  • Do not base your success off of whether or not your desire is immediately gratified. Instead, become an alchemical container for transforming judgement, shame of doubt of self into love and approval for who you are.
  • As you do this work, you become a beacon of light shining out into the vast ocean of the Universe, for the ship of your desire to be drawn towards your beacon like a magnet to its resonant match.
  • Trust the process, and do not allow any one person to be the determinant of whether or not you are worthy of having what you want. The honing of your desire, with intention, can become the practice ground for spiritual embodiment and self-actualization.
  • And as always, be selective in the people you choose to cultivate this practice with. Not everyone is in a place in their self-awareness where they will be able to receive your desires in a way that feels good or loving.

Who we choose as practice partners in pleasurable expansion is a key and significant component of the game. Choose wisely.

Your energy, your truth, your love, your desire, are precious cargo.

Arielle Brown is a Spiritual Mentor and Sexual Embodiment Facilitator. She specializes in supporting people to align their lives with their deepest desires, by tapping into their innate sovereignty and embodying a healthy/aligned relationship with their erotic energy. Arielle has cultivated a body of work addressing the increasing need for evolutionary approaches to sexuality, spirituality, and leadership that facilitate power-WITH (vs. power-OVER) models of relating. She teaches courses and facilitates transformational containers for those seeking to embody new levels of truth, power, and freedom in their lives and relationships. www.ariellebrown.com

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Spiritual Mentor & Sexual Embodiment Facilitator | www.ariellebrown.com

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